From the Chairman:

Hello, and welcome to the Parlour Players website. We’ve designed it to be easy to use and fun to read. On it you can find out all about the many and varied plays we have staged in the past and the details of our current production.

A little bit of our history ….  The Parlour Players was formed in 1980, when a group of  people in the Sanderstead United Reformed Church wanted to try their hand at delivering drama and, at that time, there were only a few amateur societies locally and they tended only accept people with experience.  The only answer was to start up our own group – so we did!    The Club was formed from people full of enthusiasm led by those few who already had experience of amateur drama.  Calling ourselves Parlour Players after the name of the room in the church hall where we first met, our aims were to encourage anyone who wanted to try their hand at any part of a production –  acting, of course, but also set building, stage management, props, make-up, sound, lighting and front of house.   No experience was required, just the willingness to join in and learn.

Learning as we went along, we progressed to costume drama and even a musical.   We now present high quality shows that vary from comedy and thrillers to drama and murder mysteries.   Our aim, however, has remained the same to this day. We are a very friendly group and everyone is made welcome regardless of their experience or lack of it!

We still use the Sanderstead United Reformed Church hall as our base and all our shows are presented there.  Our membership has expanded considerably since those far off days and you do not have to be connected to the Church to belong.

We present two plays each year – the first is early in May and the second early in November when we try and avoid competing with the fireworks on the 5th!   Our first ever play – Murder in Company – was set on the stage of a church hall so no real set was required and we could concentrate on learning the ropes.

We celebrated our 30th Anniversary with a large cast production of Pickwick Papers which meant involvement from almost every member, either on stage or off.  We even, at last, persuaded one long-standing member who had managed to avoid treading our boards to take a role, which he did very successfully.

At rehearsals, we tend to have a break of about 15 minutes around 9pm, so that the cast can chat and catch up with each other. Refreshments, which are always welcome, are served.

Take a look at our list of past productions on this website and see for yourself the variety of plays which we have presented.

We have many kind supporters on our mailing list, who come along year after year, and through this have also gained new members.  The social side is important to us too and members get together for a variety of social occasions.

I hope you enjoy exploring this website and please contact the Chairman on chairman@parlourplayers.co.uk if you would like more information or are interested in joining us.

Madeline Reeve