Rumours – May

Rumours by Neil Simon and directed by Ros Tunbridge is a farce set in the sitting room of a large house just outside London.  A beautifully designed set by Doug Wells was complemented with a talented cast, who played a variety of high-profile guests who arrive at the party only to find both hosts absent.  The husband is later found with a gun shot wound while the wife is missing. Attempting to avoid a possible scandal the guests embark on an elaborate cover-up with hilarious consequences!

Final Dress 7.05.08 001aFinal Dress 7.05.08 014aRumours Sunday 4th May 2008 029Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 025Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 033Final Dress 7.05.08 035Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 064Final Dress 7.05.08 011Final Dress 7.05.08 012aFinal Dress 7.05.08 013aFinal Dress 7.05.08 009Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 015Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 037Final Dress 7.05.08 020Final Dress 7.05.08 025Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 072Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 079Rumours Sunday 4th May 2008 070Technical 06,05.08 115Technical 06,05.08 120Final Dress 7.05.08 033aFinal Dress 7.05.08 037aThe Cast and Director:
Standing l-r: Rick Roberts, Chris Bishop, Nick Frost, Angie Maclean, Chester Stern, Simon Vines, Janet Hughes, Jane Swale      Sitting l-r: Theresa Hallahan, Ros Tunbridge (Director), Joyce Wells