An Experiment with an Air Pump – May

An Experiment with an Air Pump by Shelagh Stephenson was an intriguing play directed by Chester Stern.  It was a sort of detective story comprising romance, farce and tragedy, and was inspired by Joseph Wright’s 1768 scientific painting “An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump”.  The action is set in the same house with parallel stories set 200 years apart on New Year’s Eve 1799 and 1999 with the backprojection screen keeping the audience aware of which century they were in.  A first for the Parlour Players was the actual hanging on stage of one of the characters!

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The Cast and Director relax at the After Show Party:

Air Pump 2011001-1

left-right: Michael Cooke, Rachel Tunbridge, Sue Doswell, Chris Bishop, Vanessa Upton, Simon Vines, Chester Stern (Director), Tamsin Reeve